Everybody’s Gone Surfin’

Surfin’ Aust-ral-ia. Right? Australia is outlined in beaches. Surfers flock to them. Above, girls chillin’ at Manly beach in New South Wales, c. 1938-46.

Rally surfers before carnival, Manly beach. Sydney, New South Wales.

In the late 1960’s, girls were mostly spectators. 1968.

Girl wearing a polka dot bikini and holding a surfboard, Manly, New South Wales, ca. 1957.

Boys and the boards, Manly beach, New South Wales, 1938-46.

Surfer boys and girls on beach, Lorne, 1975.

Surfer’s Paradise surfer drying her hair, Queensland, 1963.

Surfers shoot the breakers at Tamarama Beach, Sydney, New South Wales, 1960.

via National Library of Australia