Mascot Mania

Theatrical, spirited, and oversized—what would high school sports be without their Eagles, Bobcats, or Black Knights? If you really want to get in on the spirit, glaze over this detailed list of distinctive mascot names. Highlights include: Ardvarks, Artichokes, Banana Slugs, Big Macs, Chokers, Criminals, Dots, Earwigs, Fighting Okra, Flivvers, Geoducks, Hot Dogs, Imps, Jumbos, Kewpies, Lawyers, Meloneers, Nanooks, Orabs, Peglegs, Quips, Rock-a-Chaws, Snails, Spudders, Thunder Chicken, Urchins, Voks, Wreckers, Yellowhammers and Zizzers

1989 Springstead High School Mascot

Lil’ Jimmy Ennis, Jr was mascot for Everett High School Basketball, 1940

St. Matthias, Girls Catholic High School. Their mascot, The Victorians.

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