Hi, I’m —teen

Teenage Bedrooms—everyone’s had one. Now you can visit teenage bedrooms past and present via teenagebedroom.tumblr.com (Because mine no longer exists), founded by Kate Williams (previously seen on Teenage here). Here are a collection of rooms submitted by teenagers of today:

“Hi, I’m sixteen and I’m from New Jersey. I’m really into weird/eclectic things, creativity, and all things related to Halloween/horror. I’ve had this room since I was five years old and the walls have been getting written on since I was thirteen/fourteen. My wall with fake blood/notes isn’t pictured but that’s pretty awesome too!!”Spooky

“I’m 18 and I live in the heart of the English countryside on a small farm. I love Japanese culture, pop art, Lady Gaga, The White Stripes, Monty Python and True Blood (hence the book set on my bedside table). My room is awesome because its my own colourful hideaway from the bleakness of the countryside and frankly lack of civilisation!”Sequinsandbead

“I’m a 16 year old polish teenager, dreamer and painter. I’m not really into boasting outside but I love to decorate my room with some of my photos and other artworks. I love postpunk and flowers. The blog is so great, thanks!”—Submission from Marta

“This is my room, every square inch has been covered in either art, posters or photos, etc., since I was about 13. I’m 19 now and when I moved out to go to uni last year, I took so many windchimes, dreamcatchers, posters and fairylights to try and make my room like my room at my mum’s house.”Medusamaniac

“Because I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to have this room I thought I’d submit it! It’s my current room, I’m 17 and living in a boring town in the U.K.  I’m mainly into art but I love cleaning (not evident in this photo) so I wanted to have plain white walls and have it very minimal…but my addiction to surrounding myself with pretty things is reflected on the walls, and I couldn’t live without the fairy lights!.”H0nestsleep

“Well, I am 17 and live in France, and this is my current room, but not for much longer unfortunately, as I move to Paris next year and will get a smaller one. Even though I haven’t stayed in this room for a long time, I guess I’ll miss it greatly because its clearness and (relative) emptiness that suits so well with all my moods blah blah blah… This room seriously has a great karma (and it has a couch!). I’ll also submit a picture of my so-called bedside table so that you can see ‘what I’m into’ a bit more precisely.”Innocence et sarcasmes

“Of course I have many photos of my room, but I chose just this one of my bed, because choosing several would seem wrong. I will be 17 on August 6th, but it is still the room of a 16-year old. The bed is really messy because I had just been reading that book lying there. It’s a good book, Sarum. I got it from my grandfather.. but really I’m into The Moomins and Björk and Band of Horses and Agnes Obel and whale song. I live in Denmark, and my room is something that soothes me, when I’m a mess.”Againanother

“This is part of my room. It’s good for reading and eating and things. The Edward pillow isn’t in earnest, I swear.”Eatingallthefeelings