Teenage Gangs Revisited

Here at the blog we love looking back over all the great content our contributors have posted since we launched. We’ve decided to start sharing that experience with you by periodically bringing you retrospective posts on a common theme. The archives aren’t going anywhere — have a look! Click on the links below each video or image for the full blog post.


For better or worse, teens and gang life have always gone hand in hand. Some gangs are harmless, more focused on creating space for teens with stuff in common to hang out. Others of course, are more notorious. From New Zealand to Chicago to Zaire, from the 50s to the present, here’s a look back at our coverage of teen gangs around the world. We still can’t believe that Chicago gangbangers in the 70s carried around business cards.

80 Blocks from Tiffany’s by Kelly Rakowski

Teenage Gang Debs by the Teenage Editor

Picture 17

Black Power, Christchurch by Kelly Rakowski


Chicago Gousters by the Teenage Editor


 The Bills by Kelly Rakowski


The Jokers by Abigail Wilson

Picture 43

Terrifying! Gangs! Of England! by Kelly Rakowski