Throwback Thursday: PUNK

Since its genesis in the US and UK underground in the mid-70s, punk rock has clearly become a global force. Teens have unsurprisingly always been and continue to be the most important innovators when it comes to what punk music and fashions are popular. Today we look back at some of our posts about teen punks from around the world. Check out some of the Indonesian punks giving each other mohawks, Houston girl punks singing in their bedrooms, punk wunderkid Venus Debaun singing about boys, and Soviet punks chilling in Russia.


Indonesian Punks by Willa Nasatir

Punk Girls of Houston, TX

Punk Girls of Houston, TX by Kelly Rakowski

Good Rats

Good Rats by Kelly Rakowski


My Pre-Teen Punk Hero: Venus DeBaun by Tara Sinn


Soviet Punks by Kelly Rakowski

Islington Squatter Punks by Alexa Meyerowitz