BBC2’s Something Else


BBC2’s 1979 saturday evening program, “Something Else,” was the first example of television that targeted a youth audience in the UK.  The show featured studio conversations with young people about music, fashion, and identity.  It aired nationally televised performances by bands like the Clash and Joy Division.  This 1979 episode shows an eighteen-year-old Boy George speaking on being bullied for what you wear.

“You don’t have to fight.  If you were really into that much you wouldn’t care what other people think.”

“Yeah well say somebody hit you…”

“Well so what, you don’t have to hit them back.  If you hit them back you’re doing the exact same thing as they’re doing in the first place.”

“What, so you’re going to stand there and take it?”

“I do!”

“Well, that takes a lot of courage.”

“Clothes ain’t got nothing to do with violence.  People fight all the time. It’s about whether you want to fight, whether you want to be a part of it.  If you want to fight someone, you don’t have to dress up to do it.  You can just go to the local pub and get punched.  You don’t have to be involved in it.  It’s up to you.  It’s up to the individual.”