flüstern & SCHREIEN


flüstern & SCHREIEN (translated: whisper & SHOUT] follows the rock bands of 1989 East Germany and their young fans. Incredible footage of the youth hanging out, riding bikes and jamming to some questionable music. This is pre-wall-fall, people!

. . . [flüstern & SCHREIEN] documents important parts of the East German rock music scene of the late 1980s, from well-established bands like Silly, to underground rock bands like Feeling B. This road movie features young people using music to express their take on life, opposition to their parents’ generation and opinions on the social and political climate in East Germany. . . .

flüstern & SCHREIEN pics by Brock Shorno via BS Cell Phone
DVD with subtitles available at the New York Public Library
or watch it all on youTube in Deutsch here.