Tube Time! Highlights

Teenage had an amazing time sharing YouTube clips at Migrating Forms’ Tube Time! on Friday. In case you missed it here are some highlights from Mary, Ben, and Teenage. A big thanks to Migrating Forms for asking us to present. It was a great success and we can’t wait to share our tubes on the big screen again. We love our audience.

above: Skate Witches. A gang of female Skate Boarders and their pet rats terrorize all the boy skate boarders in town. 1986. via Mary Manning (Unchanging Window)

A Girls Own Story, a short directed by Jane Campion. 1984. via Ben Graves (Toys and Techniques)

Rebecca Sealfon spells EUONYM winning the 1997 Scripps National Spelling Bee. via T-E-E-N-A-G-E

Thanks for our readers Rod Glacial, Julie John B, and Anna Peaker for some awesome recommendations!