Kiki Ballroom Brooklyn

Hosted by 18 year old Snookie Lanore (Lawerence Taylor) Kiki balls are thriving in Brooklyn. The “Kiki” scene is a gay ballroom subculture that caters to LGBTQ participants under the age of 18. And now Kiki events are gaining popularity amongst older ballroom participants, who respect the moves and looks the younger generation are presenting. Balls are a judgement-free, expression-frenzy place where two or more performers go head to head in a vogue off/dance off type competition. (If you haven’t seen the 1990 film, Paris is Burning–watch it now!!) The video above features Snookie Lanore discuss his passion for MC-ing Kiki shows, which has given him new direction in life and a healthy amount of fame. via Brooklyn Based video by  Thanks for the tip, Brock Shorno!