Remembering Macaulay

Remember Macaulay Culkin? Not the Macaulay of the “WE FORGOT KEVIN!!!” days, but teen Macaulay, who rose from the ashes of Kevin McAllister and Richie Rich in the late 90s, married Rachel Miner at 17, starred in a Sonic Youth Video and was photographed by Terry Richardson? Well we sure do and we just want to take a minute to commemorate the salad days of the greatest child actor of the 1990s (and beyond). 6f290020e7b4 Macaulay-Culkin-con-Rachel-Miner_emb8-1 tumblr_lmpcnuOdcD1qbho1to1_400 tumblr_lwt100xILJ1r5xsw9o1_500 macaulay-culkin-und-rachel-minerMacaulay-Culkin-and-Rachel-Miner_Photo-Credit_Photo-Agency-e1339091972337


Photos via Fanpop, BoyyTalk, Panorama, NastyGal, CiaoCinema, Tumblr, Daily Caller and Promiflash.