Teens at Work

Boston, Massachusetts. Abe Singer, 14-year old helper at Wax Florists, 143 Tremont Street. He delivers bundles, tends the door, etc. 1917.

In 1908, Lewis Wicks Hine took a position as the photographer for the National Child Labor company.  Over the next decade he photographed children and adolescent workers across the US in an effort to end child labor. 

Newsies at Skeeter’s Branch, Jefferson near Franklin, St. Louis. 1910.

Horace Lindfors, 14-year-old printer’s helper, sizing up leads for the Riverside Press, First Avenue. 1917.

Noon hour. Muncie Wheel & Jobbing Co. Most of the boys were gone home to dinner. 1908


Wheaton Glass Works, Millville, N.J. Day scene in New Jersey Glass House. Boy is Howard, 15 years old but has been in the glass works for two years, and has worked some at night. 1909

Red St. Clair and his pals hanging around Murphy’s Branch. 11:00 a.m. St. Louis, Missouri. 1910.

Harry Swope, aged 15, 426 Elm Street, Newport, Kentucky. Carrying heavy bundles of paper for a News & Stationery company. August 1908.