Terrifying! Gangs! of England!

Hells Angels (of the British variety) are also known as ‘The Grease’. They crave attention and get it by causing a scene, appearing more dangerous then they are actually. The narrator states, ‘Scruffiness spells success to the Hells Angels. To disgust is to win.’ Skinheads don’t reject society, ‘they’re needed for steady daytime jobs. They don’t want to opt out, they just want to have their kind of fun in their own, sometimes savage way.’

BBC’s Adam Curtis digs up this doc gem from the BBC archives, noting our fascination with youth gangs and crime is not new. Though these baby faced gangs members seem so quaint compared to the gangs of today.

Watch What’s the Truth About Hells Angels and Skinheads via Adam Curtis Blog

Thanks for the tip Andy Pressman and Mark Beasley!