Tip it, Frosh!

Syracuse University has archived the unsavory life of a SU Freshmen. Back in 1883 a tradition began when all first year students were required to wear a green or orange beanie. When an upperclassmen demanded, ‘Tip it, Frosh!’ – the lowly freshman would tip his beanie in respect. Though humiliating at times, it helped build class camaraderie. Besides beanies, SU has archived handbooks, buttons, and photographs of activities that encouraged and demeaned Freshman all at the same time.

Above: First year students in their beanies, 1960s

Beanie of John Wood, ’54

Wearing beanies, 1946

First year student receiving beanie, 1920s

Freshman weekend buttons from the 1950s and 1960s

Orange Aid, 1974. Directory for all first year students.

early 1900s

1927 Freshmen officers

‘Frosh Life at Syracuse’ Moving Up Day, 1924

Freshmen Engineers Moving Up Day parade, 1921.

via Syracuse University Archives – Tip It, Frosh