Youth of Australia

Teenage is making its Australian premiere this week with three screenings at the Melbourne International Film Festival. In honor of the occasion, let’s take a look back at the Australian youth that have graced the pages of our blog over the years.

First, brilliant comedian Zoe Coombs Marr’s hilarious take on on being 13 in “The Summer that Changed [Her] Life”.

The “rough as bloody guts” Melbournian “Sharpies” of 1973 (by Kate Jinx).


What would Australia be without those beaches (by Kelly Rakowski).

Oz Beaches

Approximately Panther, a 1967 documentary on how Australian teenagers spent their average weekly $7 on entertainment (by Alexa Meyerowitz).

One of the most famous Australians in the world, Nicole Kidman, as a 16-year-old model in 1983 (by Kelly Rakowski).


Mid-80s K-Mart (yes it’s international) ads from Aussie teen magazine, Dolly (by Kelly Rakowski).

Dolly Kmart

1960s misogyny all dressed up in bright colors and irresistible drama in the comic book series Career Girl Romances (by Alexa Meyerowitz).
career girl romance

BONUS FIND: The boys from the Aboriginal community of Nyirripi express their love for the two-wheeled wonder in Bikey Boys.