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Dance hall, Richwood, West Virginia, 1942

Photographer John Collier, Jr. worked with the Farm Securities Administration and the Office of War Information in the years 1941 to 1943. He documented daily life in areas around the eastern U.S. and northern New Mexico. Collier was married to Dorthea Lange who introduced him to photography. His photographs during this period can be seen on Flickr thanks to New Mexico University-Maxwell Museum
of Anthropology

Eating corned beef at an FSA farm labor camp in Batavia, New York, 1942

Homework on the Mutz ranch. Moreno Valley, Colfax County, New Mexico., 1943

A high school boy who is slightly under age is trying to convince the FSA (Farm Security Administration) representative that he should go to New York to help bring in the harvest. Richwood, West Virginia, 1942

Young man boarding train for New York state, where he will help in the harvest.
Richwood, West Virginia, 1942

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