Seventeen Girl Days

In 1995, at age 17, Hiromix won the Canon Grand Prize for new photographers, nominated by world renowned photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. Her entry was a self-made, color copied photo book entitled “Seventeen Girl Days”. Following in the tradition of Japanese photo diaries, Hiromix presented a unique perspective—the world of a teenage girl. This prize catapulted Hiromix into overnight stardom and she has since become a national icon. Hiromix’s artist statement to Canon:

The daily life of a 17-year-old high school student is full of danger. Radical days. Passing days. A sadly pitiful world. Why is love painful. ROCK IS MY LIFE. I’m scared that I’m getting closer to becoming an adult. I live, reflecting upon myself.

featured images: selected pics from Seventeen Girl Days
left pic (via say what), right two pics (via Canon)

above images are from Hiromix’s first published book,
Girls Blue via eBay

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