Aya T. Kanai Presents: In Uniform

The inspiration of the school uniform has often found its way into fashion and film. The recurring shapes are iconic: the pleated kilt, knee high or short white socks, penny loafers, jumpers, and gold-buttoned crested blazers. Bursting onto the teen scene this fall is the newest from Tavi and all the contributors of rookiemag.com for, in Tavi’s own words, “the best of the beautiful pain and cringe-worthy awkwardness of being an adolescent girl.” Read on to see some of my favorite recent moments where school uniforms have stolen the show in film and fashion.

1. Empire Records (1995)

2. Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington photographed by Steven Meisel (1990s)

3. “Back to School” shoot for V Spain photographed by Terry Tsiolis (June 2011)

4. Virgin Suicides (1999)

5. Arabelle of fashionpirate.net (2011)

6. photograph by Steven Meisel (1990s)

7. French Vogue (2009)

8. Mean Girls (2004)

—Aya T. Kanai has held positions as the Senior Fashion Editor at Teen Vogue Magazine and Fashion Director at Nylon Magazine. She is now a freelance stylist and consultant working New York and Los Angeles. She is inspired by contemporary art and crafts, experimental puppet theater, quilt making, and vintage cars. http://aya.kanai.net/