Boston Punks, 1982

Excerpts from Boston’s “Weekday” People Are Talking “Punk Rock 1982 episode” from Stone Films NYC on Vimeo.

I lived in Boston during the ages of 18 and 19 so I know a little of what it’s like to be a teenager and punk in Boston. It ruled! or it was wayyy better than living as an outcast in Central NY. But if you were a Boston teenage punk in the 1980s stuck living with your parents, life suuuucked. It was the powerful mix of complete boredom, bad parental communication (they just don’t understand) and the Regan administration which fueled the Boston punk and new wave scenes. Hear it for yourself in this in-depth Donahue-like talk show “Weekday” ‘People Are Talking Punk Rock’ episode from 1982. Love them all.

Thanks for the tip, former Boston hardcore scene teen Nick Branigan!
via Stone Films NYC