Radio Diaries

Since 1996, Radio Diaries has been giving young people tape recorders and asking them to tell their stories, which are then broadcast nationally on All Things Considered. Eleven of these stories are available on their website, and each chronicles a unique aspect of teen life in America in the mid-90s. Listen to Jeff talk about growing up half-black and half-white in Dorchester, Massachusetts, Amanda’s struggle coming out to her family, or Melissa’s journey as a teenage mom.

Their Teen Reporter Handbook trains teens on how to make radio diaries and interview people in their communities in order to tell unique stories of their own lives and the people around them. It is available for free download here.

NPR’s All Things Considered is airing “Teenage Diaries Revisited” all this week. And for teens looking to join the next generation of radio diary contributors, click here.

[Thanks for the tip Carl!]