• Burnside Skatepark

    Dissatisfied after asking the city to sanction a park for Portland’s considerable skater population, Chris Bredesen, Osage Buffalo and Bret Taylor found the perfect spot to take matters into their own hands.

  • Youth in Internment

    In February of 1943, with Pearl Harbor still smoldering in Hawaii, President Roosevelt signed an executive order that would lead to the internment of over 110,000 people in prison camps across the Southwest.

  • The Spades

    After turning 18, psychedelic rock pioneer (and Austin, Texas native) Roky Erickson dropped out of high school and formed the band The Spades, pictured above.

  • Mission Possible – Bike Safety

    Comatose teens “Dirty Larry” and “Careless Carol” wreak bicycle havoc on the streets of Austin until a rag tag bunch of kids save them from themselves.

  • Zoot Suit Riot

    For a generation of Chicano youths in 1940s Los Angeles, zoot suits were pure swagger.

  • K-Hole’s Youth Mode

    K-Hole is a collective of artists and trend-foreasters, whose latest work “Youth Mode: A Report on Freedom” is available to download.

  • Chandra Sings “Kate”

    With buzzing synths, a stomping post-disco beat and bratty, commanding vocals, “Kate” by Chandra is a New Wave classic.