• Youth in Revolution: The Libyan Scouts

    Though there have been Scouts in Libya since 1954, the neat khaki uniforms, uniform caps and green handkerchiefs might appear out of place when juxtaposed with the devastation and disarray in post-revolution Libya.

  • B.Y.O. Philly’s Night Out in Camden

    Tired of being misunderstood as pierced and mohawked harbingers of the apocalypse by talk show stiffs like Parents of Punkers family therapy founder Serena Dank, LA punks Youth Brigade formed the Better Youth Organization, or BYO.

  • Wild in Denver: Neal Cassady’s Teen Years

    As the inspiration for Kerouac’s wildman Dean Moriarty in On The Road, Neal Cassady embodied the restless energy of what would be known as the Beat Generation.

  • Parents of Punkers

    In 1984 daytime talk-show host Phil Donahue bravely tackled the punk epidemic, pitting punk teens against their baffled and buttoned down parents. 

  • Eli Porter: People’s Champion

    In 2003 kids from Chamblee, GA, a small suburb north of Atlanta, taped a rap battle show called “Iron Mic” during their 4th period film class.