Fourteen year olds Moametal and Yuimetal back up sixteen year old Su-Metal in a Japanese band that peddles a mind bending amalgamation of sugary, mechanized J-pop and neck snapping nu-metal.

  • Fifteen in Brooklyn

    Austin based photographer Ilana Panich-Linsman offers up a beautiful and candid look into the sometimes cloistered emotional and social world of teenage girls with her series Fifteen.

  • The Shaming of Fanny Hyde

    On a January workday in 1872, a seventeen year old woman named Fanny Hyde killed her boss, George Watson.

  • How to Jitterbug

    If you caught our new clip on USA Today’s Pop Candy and wondered how to pull off some of those dance moves: the folks at Metro Goldwyn Mayer have you covered with their Groovie Movie (1944), an occasionally awkward, but physically impressive, instructional video that packs in a lot of historical speculation, outrageous dance moves and blazing swing music as it races towards a truly gonzo-fun conclusion.

  • Do the Stroll

    The teen dance craze called “The Stroll” was given it’s titular anthem by Canadian vocal group The Diamonds in 1957 with slithering saxophones and a slow walking beat.

  • Teenager’s Weekly in Australia

    Australia’s Women’s Weekly magazine had been turning out issues for twenty-six years by the time they answered rising fears of teen delinquency and and the cultural impact of rock-n-roll.

  • Dreamin’ Wild

    Don’t let the cheesy Osmond Family style cover fool you, the music contained within Donnie and Joe Emerson’s only LP is the kind of haunted obscurity that hipsters and record freaks live for.

  • Shirley Temple’s Teenage Years

    When you mention Shirley Temple you will invariably recall that iconic, perennially smiling, dimpled face wreathed in golden curls.

  • What We Wore

    Initiated by photographer Nina Manandhar and the team at ISYS ARCHIVE, the What We Wore project is creating a people’s style history of Britain from 1950-2010.